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About $ONE Token

We have big goals and dreams for One Token, so we're thinking BIG here.

$One Token is the center of our ecosystem, the token that started it all! With a 1,000,000 total supply and a 1% tax on buys, sells and transfers, One Token uses that 1% tax to automatically and randomly conduct buyback and burns and also add to the liquidity.

Low Circulating supply

$ONE Token is a deflationary Token on the Binance Smart Chain.


$ONE Token has a total supply of 1 million tokens and a 1% tax that goes to burning the supply and adding to the liquidity. There are plans to be paired on multiple blockchains in the near future to help reach a larger number of potential holders.

NFT Rewards

There are 500 NFTs for One Token holders to collect rewards from TWO token taxes!
Benefits: TWO earnings from taxes on TWO, and random lotteries of One token prizes

Strategic Partnerships

PRISMA ONE NFT- Utilizing the power of AI Bot trading technology to receive massive passive gains in USDC.  
Check our our partnerships below!

Buyback and Burn!

Buy Backs of One Tokens from 0.5% of all volume on ONE token, and 5% of all volume on THREE token! 


The Prisma One NFTs are sold out now and the Prisma trading bot is using 100% of the funds raised from the sale of those NFTs to earn real yield, trading Ethereum and Bitcoin. Expected returns should be 10-15% monthly and that will be compounded for two years at first then for a year at a time after that before rewards are paid out to NFT holders.

Prisma NFTs

One Token’s treasury has a 5% profit share of the Prisma One NFTs total profits as well as 25 Prisma One NFTs. All of those funds will be used to do a one-time yearly mega pump of One and Two Token, and Three will get some love too.
Expected returns for just one Prisma One NFT are as follows:
- Year 2: $600-$2,000
- Year 3: $1,200-$6,000
- Year 4: $2,300-$16,000
- Year 5 $4,300-$45,000
- At year 6, we will move to stage 3 with the payouts, meaning instead of 40% of the profits being given out to holders, 90% will be given out, so at this point, per NFT, the payouts will be $14,000-$217,000 per NFT. This means a LOT of money coming into the One Token treasury to pump our tokens!

Additional Partnerships

In addition to the Prisma One NFT revenue, we have other passive revenue streams that will go to the One Token treasury! These include:
- 20 One Token NFTs
- 2% of Prisma Tokens owned
- 3% of PTC Tokens owned.

Partner With Us!

And with more sources of passive revenue on the way, the future is bright for One, Two and Three!
Our team is constantly seeking new partnerships, so contact us today on discord if you would like to explore a partnership with us!

Cash out your crypto to fiat with Spritz, or spend it anywhere with a Spritz debit card! One Token has a partnership with Spritz, claim your free $10 today!

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Keir Krew Fund Partnership

One, Two, Three token has partnered with KC Consulting to present a unique offerings to it's community members; Crypto ETFs. Keir Kew Funds solves the learning curve issue of crypto, and brings TradFi maturity to the DeFi space with our ETFs that operate with tried-and-true elements from traditional finance, like index funds and ETFs, as a way for the more passive crypto investor to easily have their portfolio grow with the crypto industry.

One Token gets 1% of any deposits made into $KKF and 1.75% of any deposits made into $aKKF by the links below


"Low-risk" crypto ETF focusing primarily on “bluechip” style crypto assets, with volatility reduction via GOLD.

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"Medium-risk" crypto ETF focusing on primarily growth within the Arbitrum network

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More coming soon...

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Swap $BNB for $ONE on Pancake Swap

WhitePaper Intro

"An Essential Aspect of Creativity is Not Being Afraid to Fail..."

One Token was created as a community token by a community member. None of the taxes go to the creator OliverT or his team, the only profit they'll see is from tokens they have purchased if the token is a success, which it will be, because of an amazing roadmap, community and team!

Core Team Member

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