One... Two... Three... GO!

Two Token. A token so simple and ingenious, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t created sooner.

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Simple Tokenomics

It's about time Defi was easy to understand!

Low Circulating supply

A 40,000 circulating supply, with a total supply of only 80,000, and no mint function, so no new tokens will ever be minted.


  $TWO is the first token in the $One Token ecosystem paired only with $One Token, making the TWO/ONE pair the only pair that will ever exist for Two. So, you’ll need to use $One to purchase $Two tokens. $Two has a low 2% tax on buys and sells, while One Token has a 1% tax on buys, sells and transfers.


  1% of all buy/sell transactions is sent to the NFT Rewards dApp to reward One Token Whitelist NFT holders. NFT holders will be able to claim their rewards any time they want to by clicking the claim button in the dapp.

Protocol Growth

   1% of all buy/sell transactions will be sent to the protocol's treasury for marketing, expenses, and to help thicken One Token’s liquidity.


  The Two Token Treasury will hold half of the supply in a gnosis multisig wallet, meaning those tokens will be out of circulation, and will only ever be used to deepen the liquidity if ever needed later down the road. If it’s never needed, then those tokens will never enter circulation.


2% of all token volume on THREE token is utilized to buyback ONE token for the purpose of buybacks on TWO token, for forced price appreciation! 

Buy $TWO Token

You can also purchase on
$TWO Token Contract: 0xE27efA907C2Ce4e181be8D5960FEbd22AaFFB400
Use 3.5% slippage minimum
Swap $ONE for $TWO on Pancake Swap

WhitePaper Intro

“Both one and two will become high volume and high demand tokens due to their low supplies…. When you look for opportunity in arbitrage we basically created the perfect storm for it to happen internally within the ONE hub ecosystem.”

Core Team Member

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