One... Two... Three... GO!

Three Token, designed to power growth across $ONE and $TWO in a unique way.

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Simple Tokenomics

It's about time Defi was easy to understand!

Low Circulating supply

Three Token is paired with BNB and has a total supply of 333,333, but 183,000 tokens were burned to the null leaving a circulating supply of only 150,000 tokens.

Taxes to Power the Ecosystem

Three Token has a 10% tax on buys and sells. 7% of the tax goes to buyback and burns of One Token, and 3% of the tax goes to the One Token treasury.


Proof of hold staking coming soon!
Passive revenue sources being created!


V2 Cryptolink any2any widget will be receiving fees and passing part of those fees to One Token.


Passive Revenue NFTs are in the works, as well as partnerships where One, Two or Three Tokens are bought up as part of the taxes of those tokens.


2% of all taxes collected from THREE token volume, is utilized to strategically buyback the THREE token!

Buy $THREE Token

You can also purchase on
$THREE Token Contract: 0x771966A9Ce4b7f8c47427DB35DCf43F379D06B56
Use 11% slippage
Swap $ONE for $TWO on Pancake Swap

WhitePaper Intro

"Think of it this way... One is gold, Two is silver, Three is bronze."

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