And Four for the show!

Four Token is a low supply reflection token that automatically rewards holders in BNB.

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Simple Tokenomics

It's about time Defi was easy to understand!

Low Circulating supply

FOUR's total supply is 4 million tokens.
1 million tokens, 25% of the supply, will be held in the treasury to provide BNB for buybacks of ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR Tokens.

FOUR token, (also known as THE GOAT) will be eating up the ONE ecosystem supply while automatically rewarding in BnB tokens. This GOAT can multitask.

Taxes to Power the Ecosystem

100% of taxes are sent out automatically as BNB rewards to holders of 1,000 FOUR tokens or more!

This happens automatically and regularly by just holding FOUR tokens in your wallet.

Four Token has a 14% buy tax and a 14% sell tax, and a 4% transfer tax.


Passive dividends automatically deposited to your wallet every 2 hours!


All volume feeds the taxes, which feeds your wallet with fresh BNB rewards!


Buys and sells collect taxes which are stored in the smart contract. At regular intervals the contract automatically swaps the stores taxes for BNB, then deposits it to your wallet!


Everyone hates red candles, so we designed this to only ever have a maximum of 0.4% price impact when the contract performs swapbacks!

Buy $FOUR Token!

* Buy and sell Four Token on Pancake Swap!
* Connect to BSC network
* Set slippage to 15-16%

WhitePaper Intro

"Think of it this way... One is gold, Two is silver, Three is bronze."

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